Assetas business suite

Assetas supports your growing business, improves plant performance, and meets the demands of today's users.

Connect your team

Assetas is the team platform for all plant activities, offering extensive toolsets for the field, shop floor, plant managers, planners, schedulers, IT, and corporate professionals.


Design robust asset inventory and workflow automation.


Implement transparent and consistent business processes.


Track progress to optimize and establish best practices.

Cloud infrastructure

With the latest hardware, access to over 100 data centers globally, and trusted by 95% of Fortune 500 companies, Assetas is a cloud solution you can trust. We offer powerful tools, faster innovation, and the performance your business needs.

More possibilities


Adjust or overhaul your configuration as desired with no-code administration.


Track work progress by individual or team for status and performance.  

Data logs

Track all data changes for analysis and troubleshooting.


Make data come alive with on-demand dashboard and reporting.

Ad Hoc Reports

Create dashboards and reports on-demand without any coding by end-users.


Access and monitor key business metrics throughout the workday.

Data integration

Employ cross-platform data integration for telemetric (SCADA, DCS, historian), data warehouse, corporate directory, EPR, financial, and HR, among others. Integration jobs in Assetas are bi-directional using schedule jobs, web APIs, and company import/export templates.  

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