Companies of all sizes — from startups to Fortune 500s to the U.S. Air Force — use the Assetas platform to manage equipment assets, conduct field inspections, and manage business workflows. 

Centralize assets

Centralize and view all assets (hierarchy, facilities, and equipment), documents, and telemetries in one place with Asset Manager.

Human insights

Leverage the power of human insights with inspections and digital data forms. Use any modern smart device, online or offline.


Deploy automated workflows based on telemetric (IIoT) data, maintenance schedules, and user input, including AI-powered time-series anomaly detection.

Proudly serving these and other industry leaders

Our focus; your results

A solution that is intuitive, quickly adopted, and allows you to move towards operational success


Know what and where your assets are


Perform online and offline inspections


Empower operations to feel confident and in control of maintenance programs and tasks


Enable field personnel to complete work effectively and efficiently

With our decades of consulting and software development experience, we are experts in solving the challenges that come with shopping for software, implementation, training staff, and system maintenance.

Workflow Automation

Deploy automated workflow triggers and actions based on telemetric data or user input. Discern meaningful signals from the noise.

Telemetrics Data

Integrate event and process automation signals with asset operations to manage, analyze, and take intelligent action. Connect with DCS, SCADA, and data historians to make use of the exploding data volumes.


An all-in-one solution to manage your hierarchy, facilities, and equipment. Centralize and view all asset information and records in one place with our comprehensive Asset Manager.

Audits and Inspections

Deploy audits and inspections, online or offline, on any device and combine with workflow triggers and actions. Make full use of inspection data and eliminate paper inspections for good.

Reports and Dashboards

Visualize performance with personalize reports and dashboards. No coding required.

Scalable Deployment

A platform that is meaningful for a small team to full-enterprise deployments, with pricing to match. Clients can use either data import templates and manual entries or deploy with data integration (bi-directional).

Anomaly Detection using AI/ML

Analyze your telemetry data in real-time with artificial intelligence (AI) to identify anomalous information and quickly detect problems and potential asset issues. Use our defaults that select the best-fitting detection model for your data to ensure high accuracy. Or, use your data to train machine learning (ML) models that are customized specifically to your information and get increasingly more accurate over time.

Own your data



Enterprise Edition - Contact us for a quote

For organizations needing the full flexibility and platform functionality. The Enterprise Edition includes Basic and Professional Edition features plus platform functionality for app development and data integrations. Contact us at info@assetas.com

Professional Edition - $45 per month per user

For teams and companies needing more flexibility but not platform features. The Professional Edition includes standard, full analytics, and limited advanced features. When billed annually, $45 per month per user.

Small Team Edition - Free forever

For individuals or small teams up to five users just getting started. The Basic Edition includes standard features, limited analytics, and limited advanced features. The Basic Edition is free, forever. No credit card is required for signup.

We offer three subscription plans with increasing functionality so you only pay for what you need. 

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