Improve work performance with intelligent tools

Transform the way you work with asset management, workflow automation with telemetric data, app development, and seamless movement from the office to the shop floor to the yard.

Assets are essential.

Managing them can be hard.

Asset software can be difficult.

Assetas changes that.

Fastest path to action

Assetas supports people doing important work with intelligent tools. Extend existing processes with modern capabilities.

Asset Tracking

Centralize and view all asset data in one place with an Asset Manager.


Integrate assets and telemetric data to track asset performance.

Workflow Automation

Deploy automated workflows based on telemetric data or user input for work actions.

Silent risks

After large, unexpected events, such as a plant shutdown, the human tendency is to weave a narrative.  However, research shows that human intuition is consistently fooled.  Take a fact-based approach with Assetas.

Mobile-First Design

Maintenance work does not take place at the desk. Assetas supports full usage on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. The system responds to your device with the optimal layout. We put the end-user first.

Designed for the modern business

Data Cloud

Enterprise cloud

A cloud platform is an essential tool for businesses today.  Reduce IT infrastructure and service costs with scalability, rapid deployment, and reliable uptime.


Data integration

Eliminate data boundaries with Assetas data integrations.  Leverage native ETL tools, web-service APIs, and other integration routines for data imports and exports.

Packages on Shelves

Kaizen efficiency

Designed for maximum efficacy through continuous user feedback, incremental improvements and periodic overhaul.

Implementation options


Use our Quick Start guide, online tutorials, and templates to implement with your team.

Leverage a partner

Your time is precious. Engage our select partners to accelerate implementation, training, and support.

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