Field inspection on mobile devices

Build forms without coding

Create your own inspection forms using text answers, picklist of your data, conditional logic, form layout, and repeating sections.

Take form offline

Assign forms a specific, group, or all registered devices.  Once available, go offline for warehouse or field work.

Collect data

Complete forms using text, picklists, maps, photos, bar code scanning, and signatures.

Sync data to Sage

Completed forms are automatically sync to Sage EAM when the device is connected to wi-fi or cellular data service.  That's it.

Overcome paper form challenges

Inspection forms

Paper forms are difficult to manage.  The challenges of legibility, consistency, and form versioning are easily solved with electronic forms.  Use task lists and dashboard to see upcoming inspection, completed inspections, and metrics.


Paper forms require data entry.  Once accumulated, additional labor is needed to decipher and review the information.  Electronic forms can include pick-lists, radio select buttons, photos, and digital tags, such as GPS coordinates, date-time of completion, electronic signature, and full history of previous inspections.

Workflow management

Automatically flag and route completed inspection using simple rules and workflows.  Rejected inspections can be escalated; passed inspection can be routed to dispatch or foreman for decision making via tasks and email with the form details.

Use cases



Form builder

Digitize handwriting (OCR)

Offline capability

Dispatch for assignee(s) with due date




Barcode scanning

Process workflow

Data sync. with photos, signatures, and more

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Devices supported

Devices with Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and newer.

Devices with iOS 10.0 and newer.

Destops, laptops, Surface tablets, and Windows 10 phones.

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