Workflow roadmaps

Define the big maintenance steps and communicate actions with your team.  Choose a workflow, or create your own.

Formalize workflows

Plan and track maintenance with workflow automation designed to fit the specific asset or asset type. Increase team accountability and productivity with the Assetas workflow module.

Reduce errors.  Automate.

Streamline maintenance processes by reducing manual handling.  Create workflows in Assetas using no-code, menu selections to create triggers and actions.


Create simple or complex business rules for assignees, approvals, and alert notifications.

Build actions

Use single, group, or tiered escalation for parent and child action steps.


Deploy workflows with reminders, customizable notifications, and real-time progress monitoring.

Business processes

Leverage workflow automation for better business processes.


Establish clear views of your processes with workflow mapping.


Identify and eliminate redundant or non-value add tasks.


Increase ownership and oversight with team metrics for work order tasks, status, and notes.


Improve communication with individual task lists, priorities, and statuses.

Improve quality

Intelligently assign work tasks by the strongest skill set, not by availability.

Build and adjust

Build your processes quickly and actively adjust and improve as necessary.