Empowering work

Work orders that are easy to use and track.  Never miss an inspection, maintenance, or other work action with clear accountability, escalation, and transparency.

Workforce productivity

Support your company's most valuable asset, the employees, with clear and efficient work steps.  Get maintenance work done better with automated workflows.

Key benefits


Schedule work through maintenance plans or unscheduled jobs.


Manage workflow through work assignment and then dispatch for execution.

Asset performance

Reduce unplanned downtime by ensuring assets are well maintained.


Assetas is wholly scalable to meet your company's growth and workforce.

Prioritize work

Not all work is created equal. Target work based on real-time availability.


Leverage KPI dashboards, workflows, and real-time updates to drive performance.

Best practices

"Of more than the $300 billion spent on plant maintenance and operation, 80% of the money is to correct chronic failures of machines."  (BS Dhillon. "Engineering Maintenance: A Modern Approach.") Analyze asset maintenance execution using Assetas.