EAM + Workflow Automation Software

Improve work performance with intelligent tools 


  • We want to help companies know what and where their assets are.

  • We want operations to feel confident and in control of their maintenance programs and tasks.

  • We want to enable field personnel to complete their work effectively and efficiently.

  • Our singular focus is to provide a solution that is intuitive, quickly adopted, and allows companies to move towards operational success.

With our combined 40 years of consulting and software development experience, we are familiar with the challenges that come with shopping for software, implementation, training staff, and system maintenance to serve its original purpose.


We have taken great care to design a solution that powerfully and elegantly allows companies to take ownership of these three data and processes.  We believe these three categories must be firmly established for operational success.


Facilities, Equipment, Supplies

Centralize and view all asset data in one place with an Asset Manager.


Performance indicators

Integrate assets and telemetric data to manage and respond to asset performance.


Automated triggers + actions

Deploy automated workflows based on telemetric data or user input for work actions.


Assetas is a cloud-based solution that houses data, communicates with other systems, and offers offline capabilities.


  • Asset Tracking | Create a digital library of what you own as the first step toward operational excellence.

  • Dashboard | Develop customized dashboards, assign dashboards to roles, and track KPIs with ease and transparency.

  • Document Library | Capture your documents alongside your assets, with access anywhere, anytime.

  • Form Designer | Create customized forms, replace the clipboard + pen, and complete inspections with or without connectivity.

  • Integrations | Leverage data through system integration using scheduled jobs, web APIs, and company data templates.

  • Mobility | Work seamlessly between desktop and mobile devices and complete offline forms that sync when you have service.  

  • Report Designer | No coding required.  Select the data, define the output format and publish.

  • Telemetrics | Combines telemetric data from automated sensors, instruments, and manual inspections to drive work actions.

  • Workflow | Create custom processes to plan and track stages and increase team accountability and productivity.