Data-driven actions

Modern companies track an enormous amount of data. Assetas combines telemetric data, from automated sensors and instrumentations to manual inspections, to drive work actions.

Telemetric insights

Transform decision-making with data by connecting your data streams and workflows together. Assetas provides integration tools, data aggregation, and filter functions, and process triggers for work activities.

Key benefits

Asset performance

Subscribe asset uptime, utilization, idle, operating loads, and other operational parameters to track individual asset performance.

Conduct Maintenance

Trigger maintenance workflows based on telemetric data, such as operating hours or fuel usage.

Asset Availability

Avoid unnecessary purchases or rentals by identifying underutilized assets in your division or throughout the company.


Assetas is fully scalable to support a large number of data streams (SCADA, DCS, historian databases) and data volume.

Identify Trends

Extend the capability of your SCADA with end-users reports and dashboards of telemetric data.


Enhance operator effectiveness with a customized configuration of telemetric data. No coding is required.

Best practices

Data points are important, though not equally important. Ensure the value of your data with key metrics for employees to perform their tasks and periodic workflow audits for data fit.