Mobility's second wind

Mobile technology is redefining the way we work.  The freedom to connect the desk environment and the shop floor is here.  Assetas is seamless between desktop and mobile devices.

Create opportunities

Over the past decades, labor costs have resulted in companies choosing to outsource manufacturing. One element to the revival in US manufacturing is technology investment. To meet the competition, companies need to innovate their products, operations, marketing, and technology infrastructure.

Industry 4.0

Widespread digitalization is emerging in manufacturing. Dubbed Industry 4.0, the era provides an unprecedented level of connectedness and digital functionality. For assets, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sensors connect plant operation and human operators together; for employees, portable devices (smartphones and tablets, among others) to provide oversight and optimization.



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water power, and

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Mass production,

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Cyber-physical systems, industrial IoT, and


Prepare for the future

Do not maintain the status quo.  Increase your operational performance with interoperability, information accessibility, actionable insights, and automation with Assetas.


Find your sweetspot with a few or many of mobile devices accessing Assetas. Pay only for what you need.

Offline capable

Assetas supports offline mobile for work orders, health & safety, and environmental inspections.


Personalize company forms (inspection, work order) with workflows automation and corrective actions.

Interactive dashboards

Make data come alive with on-demand dashboard and reporting.


Retool your mobility solution with incremental changes or develop new processes.

Optimize your focus

With proper insight, go from managing everything to managing exceptions.