The modern shop floor

Improve manufacturing operations with process efficiency, communication, and end-user support.

Is US manufacturing prepared to meet the talent needs of 2015 and beyond?  Over the next decade, nearly 3.5 million manufacturing jobs will likely be needed and 2 million are expected to go unfilled...

Manufacturing solutions

Durable Goods

Tracking and ensuring asset maintenance to support retooling projects during switchovers.

Heavy Equipment

Balance maintenance with throughput is essential in a challenging market.

Food & beverage

Contribute to your overall smart manufacturing using operational and informational technology.

Oilfield Services

Bring together inventory across multiple locations to remote delivery.  OFS is unconventional manufacturing.


Let your smart machines meet our smart maintenance solution.  Assetas integrates SCADA, DCS, and IoT in one place.

Connecting your team

Assetas is the team platform for all plant activities. Extensive toolsets for the field, shop floor, plant managers, planners and schedulers, IT, and corporate professionals.


Design robust asset inventory and workflow automation.


Implement consistent business processes with transparency.


Track progress to optimize and establish best practices.