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The Workflow module allows you to configure manual or automated processes that are defined through triggers and actions. 

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Add a new workflow
  1. Expand the "Configuration" menu on the sidebar navigation. 

  2. Select the "Workflows" menu.

  3. Select "Add" to add a workflow.

  4. Populate the fields.  Data fields with an asterisk (*) are required.

  5. Select "Save" upon completion.

Create New Workflow

Populate the following fields:

  • Name*: Enter the workflow name.   

  • Frequency*:  Select how often the workflow is evaluated.

  • Comments: Enter a description of the workflow.

​Once workflows have been created, manage these records to maintain accurate information. 

  1. View or edit:  You may view or edit the workflows.

  2. Delete: You may delete a workflow from this menu.

Manage workflows
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