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Telemetry Type

Telemetry types represent telemetry data sources and types of data.

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  1. Expand the "Configuration" menu on the sidebar navigation. 

  2. Expand the "Lists" menu under "Configuration".

  3. Expand the "Type" menu under "Lists".

  4. Select the "Telemetry" menu.

  5. Select "Add" to add a telemetry type.

  6. Populate the fields.  Data fields with an asterisk (*) are required.

  7. Select "Save" upon completion.

Add a new telemetry type
Basic Information

Only the name is required for this type of data record.

Populate the following fields:

  • Name*: Enter the name of the telemetry type.  

  • Description: Enter a description of the telemetry type.

  • External Identifier: Enter a unique identifier for the telemetry type.


​Once telemetry types have been created, manage these records to maintain accurate information using the buttons within the Actions column to the right of the telemetry type name. 

  1. Edit: Select the "Edit" button.

  2. Download: Select the "Download" button to download the telemetry type definition for import into another database.

  3. Delete: Select the "Delete" button.  This will only be allowed if there are no telemetry of this type in the system. If telemetry of this type are present in the system, remove those telemetry data points first (or reassign the telemetry type) before deleting the telemetry type itself.

Manage telemetry types
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