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System Changes

The System Changes tool allows you to view the recent fixes and new functionality added to Assetas.  The top header displays the date of the package and the version number. The five most recent packages are shown with the most recent on top.

NOTE:  You are always running the latest version of the system.

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Assetas support
  1. Expand your profile icon on the menu bar.

  2. Select the "System Changes" option.

View the system changes
Package information

The changes will be grouped by package and will display the following information.

  • Release date: The date that the package was released.

  • Version: The package number, which includes the major and minor release numbers.

  • Current:  This is the current version of the system (when visible).

Change information

Each package includes a list of the notable changes.

  • New:  This is new functionality.

  • Fix: This fixes an issue with the system

  • Featured Items:  This indicates significant changes or improvement.

  • Description: Brief description of each change.