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Report Categories

Report Categories allow you to group reports for easier navigation.

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  1. Expand the "Configuration" menu on the sidebar navigation. 

  2. Expand the "Lists" menu under "Configuration".

  3. Select the "Report Categories" menu.

  4. Select "Add" to add a report category.

  5. Populate the fields.  Data fields with an asterisk (*) are required.

  6. Select "Save" upon completion.

Add a new report category
Basic Information

Populate the following fields:

  • Name*: Enter the name of the report category.   

  • Icon*: Select an icon that best represents the report category.

  • Sort Order*: Set the position in this report category in relation to the other report categories. Items with the same sort order are sorted alphabetically.  

  • Description: Enter a description of the report category.

  • External Identifier: Enter a unique identifier for this report category.

Please note that the icon and sort order are required for this type of data record.

  1. Locate the Report Category menu under "Configuration", then "Lists", then "Statuses".

  2. Find your desired report category.

  3. Select the appropriate button to the right of the report category under the Action menu:

    • Edit:  This button will allow you to edit the details of the report category.

    • Download: This button will download the report category definition for importing into another database. 

    • Delete: This button will delete the report category. Note that you will not be able to delete a report category that is used to group any reports.

Manage report categories
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