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In Assetas, the Forms tool captures data with the ability to trigger follow-up actions as needed.  Forms are customizable to meet a variety of needs, including repeating sections or questions, data validation, hide/show logic, and options to support answers with comments or photos.  

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Assetas support
  1. Expand "Forms" on the sidebar navigation.

  2. Select one of the list options:

    • "My Forms" will display the list of forms that you created.

    • "Search" will display the full list of every form.

Search for an existing form

Tips for searching

  • Expand the "Data Filters" section to limit the results based on specific fields.  Select "Refresh List" to load an updated list; alternatively, select "Reset" to clear all of the filters.

  • Select columns headers to sort that field alphabetically.

  • If you’ve chosen to link a date, contacts, or assets in your form configuration, those fields will appear as clickable links in your form list.

  • If your search criteria returns over 100 forms, the most recent 100 will be displayed.

  1. Expand the "Forms" menu on the sidebar navigation.

  2. Select "New" to create a new form.

  3. You'll be directed to select the appropriate form type if you have access to multiple form types; otherwise, the form type will launch automatically for entry.  

  4. Answer the questions. Data fields with an asterisk (*) are required.

  5. Select "Submit" upon completion.

Add a new form

For form questions that are a Date, Time, or Date Time data type, double clicking (or double tapping if on a phone or tablet) the calendar or clock icons to the right of the question will auto-fill the data to the current date and/or time.

Manage forms
  1. Locate the appropriate form.

  2. To the right of each record, under the Actions menu, you may:

  • View detailed information or edit the form data.

  • Open the form in the Explorer view to visualize associations.

  • Delete this form and all associated data.

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