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Document Status

The document status represents the state of the document's applicability.

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  1. Expand the "Configuration" menu on the sidebar navigation. 

  2. Expand the "Lists & Types" menu under "Configuration".

  3. Expand the "Statuses" menu under "Lists & Types".

  4. Select the "Document" menu.

  5. Select "Add" to add a document status.

  6. Populate the fields.  Data fields with an asterisk (*) are required.

  7. Select "Save" upon completion.

Add a new document status
Basic Information

Please note that the description field is required for this type of data record.

Populate the following fields:

  • Name*: Enter the document status name.   

  • Description*: Enter a description of the document status.

  1. Locate the list of document statuses.

  2. Select the appropriate button to the right of the status name under the Action menu:

    • Edit:  This button will allow you to edit the details of the status.

    • Download: This button will download the document status definition for importing into another database. 

    • Delete: This button will delete the document status. Note that you will not be able to delete a document status that is assigned to any documents.

Manage statuses
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