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Account Settings

Once the account has been created, the account settings allow users to review the details on how the account is setup.  Administrators will have the ability to review and edit appropriate fields.

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  1. The Account Settings define the account name, email addresses, and default time zones.

  2. Data Retention policies define how long data records are stored based on the type of data.

  3. The Subscription Plan Information displays the current subscription plan for Assetas access, includes the number of user licenses included and plan cost.

  4. The Payment Information defines how invoicing is configured.

  5. The User Counts display the number of users that can be added to the account, based on the subscription plan.

  6. The Storage Usage displays how much storage has been used and how much storage is available, based on the subscription plan.

  7. The Asset Counts display how many assets have been created and how many more can be added, based on the subscription plan.

Manage your account
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