Balancing fleet lease costs and inbound cashflow requires careful planning. Fleet professionals should focus on long-term financial goals, and accurate asset use and cost tracking to attain a positive outcome.

The City and County of Denver saved over $10-million with $4,000 of investment through fleet operator tracking, departmental utilization metrics and reports, redeployment, and financial incentives program for returning vehicles early.

City and County of Denver. Department of Public Works.

Fleet solutions


Enhance activities with digital inspections and automated workflows.


Identify equipment defects with mobile check-out and check-in inspections.


Gain better visibility into vehicle allocation, maintenance and fuel costs.

Service Providers

Track driver qualification for vehicle types and fuel costs.


Improve field service vehicle availability with robust inspection and repairs.


Ensure maintenance and record-keeping for performance and regulatory requirements.

Operational reliability


Building a discipline of success requires consistent execution. Create high reliability using maintenance plans, work orders, tasks, and accountability.


The link between performance and behavioral change is transparency. Help everyone in your organization to know goals, metrics, and accountability.

Valued Assets

Successful companies understand their people, their business, and their environment. Know what you own and how you operate.


Systematically find opportunities to take advantage of resources and changes in your operation.