Field equipment are the heartbeat of an operational business.  Build your operational excellence from the ground up.  

The absence of a properly implemented maintenance program leads to premature equipment failure and increased crew idle time.  As a consequence, operating cost can reach 25% or more.

Field equipment solutions


The practical solution for maintaining machinery for operations of any size.


Target clear scheduling of leased or owned oilfield equipment to ensure facility integrity.


Implement shop and field maintenance using offline work orders and forms.


Implement an asset check-in/out workflow to ensure availability for the next job.


Supporting car parking, green, municipal, security, toll booths, and water field assets. 


Ensure maintenance and record-keeping for performance and regulatory requirements.

Operational reliability


Building a discipline of success requires consistent execution. Create high reliability using maintenance plans, work orders, tasks, and accountability.


The link between performance and behavioral change is transparency. Provide accountability to

ensure everyone in your organization knows the goals and metrics.

Valued Assets

Successful companies understand their people, their business, and their environment. Know what you own and how you operate.


Systematically find opportunities to take advantage of resources and changes in your operation.