Integrated workplace

Focus on buildings and grounds management, maintenance, and quality for low property costs.

Implementing "normal" maintenance projects at the US DOE Forrestal Federal Building in Washington DC achieved a 3.83x (dollars saved per invested; 0.26-year payback) in energy efficiency.

Facility solutions


Target asset reliability, maintenance, and sanitation for quality of service.

Real Estate

Bring efficient management and maintenance to office, retail, residential, and industrial properties.


Address asset utilization and preventative maintenance practices.


Enhance campus quality with balanced maintenance programs for historic and contemporary structures.

Open Spaces

Commit to performance management to serve your community.

Collect and incorporate

Comprehensive Operation & Maintenance of facilities requires integrating multiple data sources, both manual and electronic.  Assetas supports data interoperability to automate a range of workflows and KPIs.  


Establish a comprehensive inventory of all tangible goods to support an effective O&M program.

Data Collection

Employ reliable data collection as inputs for utilization and other performance metrics.

Decision Making

Make decisions with an integrated perspective on physical and operational costs.