Capital assets have multi-decade lifecycles.  With low commodity prices, proper operation and maintenance are essential for on-target ROA.

The drivers that enable a small group of upstream companies to achieve consistent, exceptional performance ... suggests [they] create ROA advantage by having assets with higher gross margin (better before cheaper) and drive profitability through maximizing incremental volume (revenue before cost).

Energy solutions


From drill pipe to gas compressors, tracking and managing countless field equipment effectively.


Enterprise solution for T&D, power generation, telecom, and wastewater treatment.


Unlike upstream, managing linear assets and compression stations requires tight control for uptime.


Operating robust equipment in a remote location requires seamless communication and workflow.


Target operational excellence, regulatory compliance production cost reduction with EHS coordination.

Oilfield Equipment

EPC companies that supply and lease equipment must manage maintenance services and warranties.


Start and maintain a company-wide asset inventory.  Whether in active operation or spare inventory, each asset has value ‒ only if known.