Leverage your contents

Make your documents accessible. Capture, manage and organize your documents and records along with your assets.

Make content accessible

Quickly find and access content, such as procedures, notes, photos, inspections, and certificates. Assets organized with supporting documentation builds confidence and minimizes data-gathering efforts.

Discover insights

All companies maintain a volume of documents.  Over time, a drawer full of records becomes cumbersome. With a reliable, company-wide document repository, you can easily streamline document management for all file types.


Like an organized toolbox, sort and store documents relative to the parent asset.


A picture is worth...

Take and store photos, from inspection answers to nameplates.

Searchable fields

Find documents easily using searches, filters, and associations.

Get answers

Store or lookup SOPs, plans and schematics, company notes, photos, and warranty certificates.


Store or lookup procedures, notes, photos, and warranty certificates.

Go paperless

Go paperless with kiosks, shared workstations, desktops, and mobile devices running Assetas.

Best practices

A key factor in employee empowerment is content management.  According to IBM's internal operations, the realization of the non-accessibility of information changed the role of content. Manage content as you would manage assets.