Overcome data barriers

Companies collect a large amount of data yet data integrations are a challenge. Assetas provides an open, interoperable tool for connecting data of any kind, from any source, and at large scale.

Business processes + data

According to Gartner's IT Score for Data and Analytics, 60% of Business Intelligence data projects fail because of the inability to manage data and business processes. Unite your company around flexible access to relevant data and user empowerment on how the data is used.

Data analytics maturity

Data integration and analytics is an essential requirement in the digital age. From a global survey by KPMG however, only 35% of senior executives have a high level of trust in their organization's use of data. Building your trust in these four areas can improve your analytics.

Data & analytics

Develop a comprehensive data and analytics strategy with clear objectives and goals.

Broad uses

Support a broad range of data usage and analytics. Assetas enables end-user access to create dashboards and reports without coding.

Data governance

Implement a data governance program to support business objectives, opportunities, risks, and the roles of all stakeholders.

Resources for the user

Empower users with reporting tools and make analytics operational. The majority of BI and data analytics can and should be completed by those closest to the data.

Integration dexterity

Assetas is a flexible integration framework that is designed for evolving operational changes. Our integration hub is source-system agnostic, capable of real-time or batch integration, and supports bi-directional integration. Overcome data challenges with Assetas.