The mobile advantage

Empower your technicians with Sage mobile.  With full access to Sage when online and inspection capability when offline, you can connect the office to the field - where asset work happens.

Unlocking the possibilities

Safety audit

Install checklist

Work order

Envr. compliance


Meter reading

Injury form

Task list

Useful capabilities

Electronic inspection does not need to be complicated.  Sage mobility brings useful features to reduce the time for inspection with:

  • Menu-based form builder

  • Digitize handwriting (OCR)

  • Offline capability

  • Dispatch for assignee(s) with due date

  • Photo capture

  • Intuitive form layouts

  • GPS capture

  • Barcode scanning

  • Automatic data sync.


How to improve inspection performance

No matter the method, human inspections are imperfect.  Large individual and group differences in performance exist but significant payoffs can be realized with relatively simple improvements in training, inspection procedures, and method.

Judi See.  "Visual Inspection: A Review of the Literature."  Sandia National Laboratories.  2012.

Devices supported

Devices with Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and newer.

Devices with iOS 10.0 and newer.

Destops, laptops, Surface tablets, and Windows 10 phones.

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