Assetas web services for data integration

Supporting machine-to-machine interaction over a network.



Assetas web services are compliant with JAX-WS and Web Services Interoperability (WS-I) Basic Profile 1.0.  We also support several Java web service technologies, including SOAP, WSDL, and XML Schema.


SAP Cloud Platform Integration supports the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). SOAP is industry standard from the World Wide Web Consortium ( used to invoke network resources using XML over HTTP, HTTPS, and other standard protocols. SAP Cloud Platform Integration supports SOAP over HTTP and HTTPS protocols.


Web Services Description Language (WSDL) is a subset of XML used as a transport mechanism for XML messages. The WSDL file generated by the software includes elements (such as services, bindings, ports, and operations) that support the use of the SOAP protocol. Each element uses a name that the software provides. This table shows the elements in a WSDL file, and describes how those elements are used in the SAP Cloud Platform Integration WSDL file.

XML Schema

WSDL uses XML Schemas to define input and output message formats. XML Schema formats are defined in the types element of the WSDL file.

Creating a web service client

The tools you use to develop your web services client are your choice, and the exact steps in using those tools vary. These basic steps apply as a simple overview to all development projects for web services clients.



To use a published web service, you must first know the URL of the target WSDL. The primary SAP Cloud Platform Integration WSDL file is located at: http://:/DSoD/webservices?wsdl



1. Import the software's WSDL into your development environment to create a web services client application. The incorporated web services appear in the hierarchy of your development.

2. Open the web service. Each available port for the web service is made visible in the IDE.

3. Write the code to call any of the jobs or services provided by the ports. 4. Run the project to execute the code. Executing the code initiates the web services job, and a connection is made to the SAP Cloud Platform Integration web services host.


Related Information

Accessing the WSDL File

Supported web service operations

SAP Cloud Platform Integration provides a WSDL file with a single service definition.


It is possible to create multiple service definitions in a WSDL, but many web service implementations do not support more than one service definition. To avoid that limitation, the software creates only one service.


Connection operations

The SAP Cloud Platform Integration WSDL defines connection operations that belong to web services.  Contact our technical support desk for documentation of web service operations.


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