Known issues

This list outlines the known issues affecting Sage EAM.  We are actively working to make fixes to the system.  Fixed issues are removed after 45 days.

Documentation of all fixed issues and software releases can be found in Release Information.  Navigate to the left-hand menu and scroll to the Release Information option at the bottom.

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RESOLVED: Dispatch Data Destination Dispatching Blank Values

Impacted feature

Mobile offline with ProntoForms


There is an issue which we are investigating where Dispatch Data Destinations are dispatching blank values to Data Records.


A fix has been released to address this issue.  Please perform the following to re-execute any affected records:

  • For the Data Destination in question, click the Successful executions link then hover your cursor over any affected data record and click the circular Re-execute arrows



This occurs only when the data destination has the option enabled to "Automatically dispatch to questions with matching labels" but works if labels are explicitly defined.  Until this issue is fixed, please perform the following:

  • Edit the Dispatch Data Destination

  • Navigate to the Dispatch Data tab and click the Add button to explicitly define the labels