Assetas Business Partners

Assetas Business Partners is a program developed for businesses that want to partner with us.  Our Business Partners are large and small firms, and they share a common end-goal of client satisfaction.  Partners include sales, implementation, and sustainment professionals. 

Advantages of a team

As an Assetas Business Partner, you become part of our ecosystem designed to provide the client with more opportunities for success.

Alliance partners

The technology industry is not a zero-sum, winner takes all pursuit.  Our Business Partners deliver value through Assetas and gain access to our portfolio Assetas-generated leads, demonstration meetings, and RFP opportunities.  

Technology partners

Expand your business capabilities with our premier technology platform.  Our partners focus on developing content, resources, and technology in the marketplace.

Reseller partners

The technology industry is not a zero-sum, winner takes all game.  We are open to collaboration on global promotion, content development, and delivery.

Celebrating each step of the journey

The partner relationship is clearly defined, begins with a product demonstration and then progressive levels of mutual benefit.  Every element, tool, and resource is available as you increase in competency.


  • Networking

  • Assetas online product demonstration

  • Opportunity discussion


  • Complementary training

  • Co-marketing of contents

  • Global partner directory listing


  • Event packages

  • Premier support access

  • Training vouchers for staff or end-client


  • Premier technical access

  • Recommended implementation partner

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