Putting data to work

Simplify your data analytical needs with native dashboard and reporting tools.  Select the data, define the output format, and publish. No coding required.

Analytics on-demand

See your data within Assetas with native dashboard and reporting tools without coding. Or connect your BI tool through scheduled data exports or web-service API.


Connect to any data sets available within Assetas, such as asset, work order, and telemetric. Then define the output format.


Share created dashboards and reports for yourself or your team within Assetas.


Access from desktops, tablets, and smartphones using any modern browser. Reports, charts, and graphs are responsive to your device.

Reports for the user,

by the user 

Data integration

Leverage all relevant data through system integration, including telemetric (SCADA, measurement, data historian), EPR, financial, and HR, among others. Assetas supports integration (bi-directional) using scheduled jobs, web APIs, and company data templates.  

More possibilities


Customizable dashboards created and managed by end-users.

Interactive dashboards

Make data come alive with on-demand dashboard and reporting.

Interactive fields

Intuitively interact with dashboards and reports using hyperlinks.  

Ad Hoc

Create dashboards and reports on-demand.


Keep dashboards and report for yourself or share with your team.


Access and monitor key business metrics throughout the workday.